Point n'est besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre, ni de réussir pour persévérer. [ Maxime attribuée à Guillaume Ier de Nassau dit le Taciturne, prince d'Orange (1533-1584) ]

Yann Ics

Conceptual Composer

... il n'y a pas de réponse, ... il n'y a que des choix ... [ Stanislas Lem (1921-2006) in SOLARIS (1961) ]






[ Quadraphonic statements ]

  1. The quadraphony is not only a stereophonic expansion.
  2. The quadraphony allows a spatial diffusion much richer than the stereophony.
  3. The quadraphony that I propose is not limited to a static listening at equal distance of the speakers, but rather dynamic and suppose from the auditor to do the listening experience in all points within the quadraphonic space.





Yann ICS

Conceptual Composer

Email : by.cmsc@gmail.com

WebSite : yannics.github.io

GitHub : github.com/yannics/

LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/yann-ics-713965115


In a frame of experimenting with some alternative way of life based on the sharing knowledge and space more in accordance with nature and in the respect of human needs – and because we have to change our relationship with the world where we living and hence the rules imposed by the global economic system (basically, the global economic system dictates its own rules against common sense because the goal is to increase our consumption and make more and more money for predominantly the power provided by it within the slave system, sad heritage of our civilisation) – I am looking for any kind of support to initiate or to share alternative life experience and to explore possible futures.

My ‘job’ consists to interact with people without the mediation of money. This ‘economic’ point can be debating because it is very difficult to completely ignore it. This is somehow a goal and until that day, I might need it simply for more autonomy concerning personal needs – as some kind of transitional state. The main idea is to contribute as far as possible to the optimisation of sharing resources. In that way, at my own humble personal level, I should cost no money. Nevertheless, this could be disturbing with some of our ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ habits which are mainly done under constraints of the state system rules.

I am working also on experimenting new ways of practicing music into a group as a community, clan, tribe, and so on. The goal is to consolidate the group within a cultural and creative activity, which can be linked to other groups as mediation of ideas.

More precision about myself. I am 55 years old according to the Gregorian calendar for the year 2024. I am what we call a self-taught researcher/composer/musician. I am mostly vegan. I do not drink alcohol and the derivatives like vinegar (I use lemon or lacto-fermentation as a substitute), and I do not smoke. I am not religious, neither a guru. In short and to resume, one can see me as an artist.

I am conscious that is a naive and rather utopic – maybe at some point of view too ambitious – approach, but it sounds like we do not have the choice. We have to change our way of living by will or by force and sooner or later, in order to build a new real world.

‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. ...’ :-)

Thanks to consider this initiative to support me in any way.
Thanks also to link with any person, group, or other who can be interested or concerned about this ‘work’.

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